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The Relaxed Home Schooler’s Resource Center of Cherokee County, GA

The Relaxed Home Schooler’s Resource Center of Cherokee County, GA Where:  Hopewell Baptist Church (old building)

Where: Hopewell Baptist Church (old building)

On the corner of Bells Ferry Rd and Ridge Road

75 Ridge Rd, Canton, GA 30114 (between Woodstock & Canton)

Academic & Enrichment Classes for Teenagers

470-432-5365 cell phone; leave text message if not answered. Please don't leave voice message.

Please do NOT call the church with questions. The fastest way to get an answer is through my email, above.

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About the Cherokee County Resource Center

About the Cherokee County Resource Center General Information

General Information

We are a resource center that is here to help people who want to homeschool and need or want a little assistance. We have a Christian environment and consider parents to be the primary educators and decision-makers. Grade levels given are flexible and are listed to help parents make decisions.

We do not intend to become a university model school, and expect that parents remain the primary teachers of their children. We are run by common sense, not common core. We are not interested in accreditation and prefer to preserve our freedoms. We ran a large program for nine years in the Acworth/Kennesaw area of Cobb County ,GA, and re-opened a couple of years ago in a church in the Cherokee County area. We hope to eventually have our own facilities, with room for additional programs, including athletics

Teachers are selected on the basis of their Christian character, experience with homeschooling, passion for teaching, and expertise in an area of the curriculum. They are required to pass a background check and sign a statement of faith.

Participants will be asked to sign a statement of faith. In some instances, people will be allowed to participate in the programs if they are not prepared to sign the statement of faith, but in all cases, the behavior, dress, and deportment of the children and families will be expected to fit into the Christian environment that they are entering by choice. Nevertheless, we believe children are unique individuals, and do not expect everyone to conform rigidly to a specific “look” or all have the same abilities or needs. We try very hard to individualize all instruction and help create an atmosphere where your children are valued and feel loved and worthwhile.

For more information on our organization, explore our website,, or join our facebook group, relaxedhomeschoolers-ARCHERS. We also have a facebook page for the center,

All new students will need to meet briefly with one of the ARCHERs board of directors or teachers for an orientation sometime before September.

How to Register

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Resource Center Calendar 2018-2019

How to Home School Workshop & Open House, Tues, Aug. 14, 7-9 pm at the center

First day of classes: September 4

Fall Break: October 8-12 (does NOT coincide with Cherokee County Public Schools)

Thanksgiving break: Nov. 22-23

Christmas break: Dec. 17 - Jan 1 ( does NOT coincide with Cherokee County Public Schools

Spring break: April 1-5 (DOES coincide with Cherokee County schedule)

Last day of classes: May 16 (May be extended if snow days or other cancellations occur.)

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Class Schedule

Thursday Classes

Thursday Classes for Teens

9:30-11:00 Pre-Calculus (Phillips) This class will have a second day of instruction online. Contact us for details. $50/month

11:30-12:30 Physics (Apologia) Pat Phillips $45/month plus $25/semester lab fee

12:40-1:30 Composition & Grammar Mary Hood $40/month

Note that due to the slim nature of the signups, we are having to add a $20 surcharge/month/student (not per class) in order to pay the church.

Note: The following classes may also be offered as a tutorial: Algebra 1, Biology with lab, chemistry (with lab) and ASL. Contact us for more info at

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How To Register

Download the Registration Packet in the blue box, below, or just click here.

It contains the following forms:/p>

1. Sign Up Sheet

2. Legal/Medical Liability form for ARCHERS

3. Liability form required by the church.

4. Signed statement of faith or signature on alternative form provided.

There is a yearly registration fee of $50, due at signup. Due to the minimal number of students that have signed up this year, we have to add a $20/month/student (not per class) surcharge to the normal tuition in order to pay the church. Due to so many changes, please contact before signing up for any classes.

Please send the registration fee, checks made out to ARCHERS and the 4 forms, filled out properly, to ARCHERS, P. O. Box 2524, Cartersville, GA 30120.

Classes will start the day after Labor Day. Tuition is due at the first class meeting of each month, or if sent by mail, it must be postmarked by the 5th of the month to avoid a $25 late fee.

Tuition and fees are not refundable unless ARCHERS shuts down a class due to insufficient enrollment or for any other reason, or unless the student’s spot can be filled immediately by someone on a waiting list.

If you have any questions, email the director, If you’d like to call her instead, her home phone is 770-917-9141, but you are more likely to have a quick reply via email.

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