Mondays: Elementary Enrichment Classes, grades 3-6

Note: Unless marked otherwise, all elementary classes are $40/month. If students take more than one class, there will be a $5 discount per additional class taken. Elementary classes will be meeting for the first semester, Sept-November, have December off and may switch topics starting in January. Commitment is for first semester.

Creative Writing & Illustrating (gr 3-6) 10:30-11:20 (Mischa Holt)

Come and tell your stories! Write about the places and characters you develop and share your work for feedback to help strengthen your writing skills and develop your style. Learn to write narratives in an encouraging environment that will culminate with your story and illustrations in written form; your own book!

Art & Art History (grades 3-6) 11:30-12:30 (Casey Malik). Short supply list required.

This class will focus on doing hands-on art experiences in various media as they learn about artists, styles, and periods of art history.

Physics for Kids (gr 3-4) 1:00-2:00 Mischa Holt

Hands on exploration of how simple machines are used to make work easier. We will also learn about force and motion. This class will make some of their own machines and take apart everyday items to see the machines inside that make them work.

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