Tuesday Classes

Tuesday Classes

Classes for Teens on Tuesday


As school is starting, this history class has not "made". Am leaving it here because I did have a little interest. If anyone is still wanting it, email me at mary.e.hood@gmail.com

9:00-10:00 U.S. History (Note: I just removed comparative cultures/religions class due to lack of signups. A couple of people have asked for this U.S. class...if I can still get 5 students in it I will teach it instead.)

This class will cover the entire scope of U.S. History, from the beginning to current events. It will also weave in a little U.S. government in the fall. The class is one of my thinly disguised speech classes. Students will be expected to make short reports to the class from time to time. Expect some library research. If there is a textbook it will be recommended, not required. $40/month. Mary Hood teaching.

10:15-11:15 Algebra 2 (Hood) Meets twice a week, Tues and Thurs. $50/month

11:30-12:30 Algebra 1 (Hood) Meets twice a week. Tues and Thurs. $50/month

12:30-1:30 Spanish 1 (Beginning level) (Ana Escobar) Age 13 and up $40/month

Note: Japanese classes have been removed for this year. If interested in learning Japanese, email mary.e.hood@gmail.com. The instructor may be available to work with your students via Skype.

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