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Newsletter is not being written at this time

Mary has become busy with the resource center and the new primary school and has suspended writing the newsletter for now. Stay in touch via this website, as well as the archers facebook group, relaxedhomeschoolers-ARCHERS, and the fb page, www.facebook.com/relaxedhomeschool. She is also still writing as a columnist for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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March/April, 2016 Newsletter

This issue focuses on how to help children discover their passions. There is also an article on learning in the out-of-doors, and one on "the project method."

Use the download button below to download this issue. Subscribe by using the link to the contact me page or request to be added by emailing Mary Hood directly at mary.e.hood@gmail.com

We never sell or rent or give away our lists. We have no ads unless it is something directly connected to our organization, and we will not bombard you with emails. Promise!

Link: Contact me to subscribe

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