Class Schedule

Wednesdays: Junior High/High School Classes:

These are designed for roughly grade 7-9. Some may count as high school credit. These classes meet all year, September through May, with the typical holidays off. Students who take more than one class will have a $5 reduction on additional classes after the first one.

Physical Science (9:00-10:00) Hood. $45/month, no additional lab fee. Textbook required.

This course will use the Apologia Physical Science book, including doing the experiments and lab work and can count as a high school lab. Open to students from age 13 and up.

Note: Except for the physical science class, the rest of the Wed program has been cancelled for now due to lack of signups. We may add back some classes and/or workshops for middle school age students later this year.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays: High School Level Classes

Note: Students who take more than one class will have a $5 reduction off each of the additional classes. These classes are intended to be a one year commitment barring extreme situations, like unexpected moves or lay offs.

Geometry: Tues AND Thurs 9-10 $50/month (Hood) textbook required

Will use text associated with Chalk Dust video program. No common core. Intended as a complete course, with homework. Students should have completed Algebra I. The class is instructor taught, with occasional use of 10 minute bits of video program.

British Literature Tuesday 10:15-11:15 $40/month (Hood)

This high school level course is intended as a complete course, as long as the student does the assigned reading. The reading will be adult-level, including English poets and the typical English curriculum, including Shakespeare, Beowulf, and part of the Canterbury Tales. The students will perform at least a partial Shakespearean play as a part of the course.>

Japanese Tuesday, 10:15-11:15 $40/month Emily Alexander- Peach

This class will focus on the basics of the Japanese writing system, grammar, and both useful and academic vocabulary. We will also apply what we learn towards experiencing Japanese culture, which will include everything from origami to the use of chopsticks to eating authentic Japanese cuisine, using Japanese etiquette.

Drawing & Painting Tuesday 11:30-12:30 $40/month (Emily Alexander- Peach)

Short supply list required

In this art class, each student will learn everything from proper pencil and brush technique to color theory and relevant art history. First time students will begin with graphite pencils and work up to prismacolors, and either acrylic or oil paint, or a substitute medium of their choice. If the class would like, we can do a landscape with Bob Ross!

Beginning Spanish Tuesday 11:30-12:20 $40/month (Davila) (Homeschooling mom, native Spanish speaker) $40/month

Opportunities for vocabulary development, grammar exercises, and hearing/speaking the language for an hour a week. If parents intend for this to be counted as Spanish 1 they will need to be doing additional work at home, using a curriculum of their own choice. One possibility is duolingo, an online free course, or something like Rosetta Stone.

Algebra I 1:00-2:00 Tues AND Thursday (Hood) $50/month

Uses textbook associated with Chalk Dust video program. Instructor taught with very occasional clips from video. Not common core. Intended as a complete course with required homework.

History of the Modern World Thursday 10:15-11:15 Hood $40/month

This is my thinly disguised speech class, and is the one that many ex-students have said prepared them the best for college and work. Students will select topics of interest to them and give substantial oral reports several times in the year. Parents can either call this speech OR history on their transcripts. If it is history, it is recommended that parents supplement with some additional reading using any textbook or library materials as they follow along with the course outline.

Political Science Thursday 10:15-11:15 Lee $40/month

This is intended as a political science and civics class, involving the teaching of the Constitution and American government. It will last through the fall term and will be followed by an economics class in the spring.

Intermediate French Thursday 11:30-12:30 Hood $40/month

This is a continuation of a course taught last year. It will focus on the continued development of conversational skills, as well as additional vocabulary and grammar development. Students should have been doing some vocabulary study in French in order to fit in. If anyone wants to join who is a beginner, it is suggested that you spend a minimum of four hours a week during the summer doing duolingo or similar to be prepared.

Biology (laboratory course) Thursday 11:30-12:30 Chris Lee, homeschooling dad & nurse. $45/month plus $25/semester lab fee

This will use the Apologia, Biology 2nd edition textbook. The student will be expected to read the materials at home and will be doing the lab work in class. It is intended as a complete class if the student does the assigned homework.

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